The table below has been provided by our developers and system administrators who have used each one of these hosts and hundreds of other ones. We continually add new information and have the most up to date pricing on all of the hosts.

hosting service features price our score


Our #1 Choice

-$100 Credit For Google Advertising
- Free Site Builder w/ 300+ Themes
- Free Emails
- Unlimited Space & Bandwidth





The most affordable

-$100 Credit For Google Advertising
- Free Site Builder w/ 300+ Themes
- Free Emails
- Unlimited Space & Bandwidth





Realiable and Affordable

-Anytime Money Back Guarantee
-Free Domain Name Included
-Unlimited Space & Bandwidth





-$100 Credit For Google Advertising
-4,500 Free Website Templates
-Unlimited Space & Bandwidth




For The Everyday User

-$50 Social Networking Ad Credit
-Unlimited Space & Bandwidth
-Free Domain Name Included




Solid Company

-Unlimited Space & Bandwidth
-Free Instant Setup Included
-Free Domain Name Included



InMotion Hosting

Fast & Flexible

-Blazing Fast SSD Hosting!
-Increased Disk Space & Bandwidth
- Keep 100% Of The Money You Collect




Great Customer Support

- Unlimited Domains
- Drag & Drop Site Builder
- Free Domain Name




Cheap & Affordable

-Free Domain or Domain Transfer
-99% Uptime Guarantee
-30 Day Money Back Guarantee





- Unlimited Domains
-1,000s of Templates
- Moneyback Guarantee
-Unlimited Email Accounts



The Best Website Hosting and Server Hosting Overview

There are large amounts of websites on the World Wide Web. The way in which these websites get to be viewed is by using web hosting services in order to do so. The web hosting company makes it possible for an individual to have their website viewed by unlimited amounts of individuals through their server hosting. For those who are looking for a web hosting company to get their website up and going, there are a few tips in which the website owner can follow to ensure that they find the best web hosting company to fit their needs.

Choose The Best Website Hosting Services By Asking Friends Viewing Web Hosting Reviews

One who wishes to find the perfect web hosting company should also consider asking for recommendations from friends and family members while also looking at web hosting reviews. Since many individuals these days have websites and utilize the best website hosting companies to make this possible, an individual will most likely know someone who has set up their own website and can recommend a good web hosting company for you. Recommendations are a great way for an individual to find out not only who the good companies are but who they should steer clear of for one reason or another. The important thing to remember about recommendations is that one who asks for them does not have to follow them in the end. It is just good to have a starting point when it comes to obtaining web hosting services.

Server Hosting Options For The Best Website Hosting

An individual who is looking to obtain server hosting can find one that they pay for their services or one which they use through posting banners and ads for various companies. Whatever one chooses, it is important to find the best web hosting company by shopping around web hosting reviews, surveying options offered by various web hosting companies and asking friends and family members for recommendations concerning companies of this type.

Make It Easy to Find The Best Website Hosting

Another way to find the best website hosting company is to compile a list of all of the necessary options one wishes to acquire with their web hosting company and search based on those options. There are various companies who will offer quite a lot of different options yet they will be ones which are unimportant to the website owner. By compiling a list of desired options, the website owner will be better able to find the right company for their needs.
Of all, by shopping around for the best web hosting company, the website owner can ensure that they have the most suitable web hosting company. Secondly, when someone shops around for their web hosting company they can compare the options offered by each company and may determine that one company offers much more than another. Lastly, one who shops around can compare the prices offered by each and make sure they are getting the best website hosting deal possible.